19 November 2019

News updates

28 February 2008
TVNZ commits to Kiwi content
Seven’s Coming Home
Details fuzzy for new TV channel
Listings stand-off for TVNZ’s new channel
‘Very vulnerable’ beginnings for new station
TVNZ at sixes and sevens over new channels
TVNZ strike early blow in looming SKY war

12 October 2007
Bill threat to migrants
Kiwi Killers’ days numbered
Uni students favour public transport
Software patch may render iPhones useless

28 September 2007
AUT rookies stun industry top dogs
Candidate plans to exterminate rates
Limited fish for your chips
APEC protest first-hand
AUT pushes for diverse journalism

31 August 2007
Dying for his faith
Key evidence not heard, says Iraqi
Flu threat grounds Kiwi’s horses
Bottle banks too costly, says Kiwis
Flaws highlighted in privacy week

17 August 2007
Journalism in crisis
Cereal shocker no joke for sisters
Maori waiata translated after 40 years
Vegans okay with meat lovers

1 June 2007
Patients not warned of all laser eye surgery risks
Another Kiwi nurse heads to Darfur
APN decision to outsource “a dark day”
Ties with Indonesia quietly renewed
Iraq war loses out to US massacre
Atheists ignored by diversity statement
Civil unions no substitute for marriage?
Taggers on back foot in the city

31 May 2007
Journalism students challenged by ‘inspiring’ noho marae

1 May 2007
Civil unions ‘social apartheid’, says Waring

3 April 2007
Oxfam pushes for Pacific fair trade deal

30 March 2007
Union flags top Auckland’s prime real estate

28 March 2007
BroadsWord: Warnings about TV, divorce and welfare reform

28 March 2007
Mana journalist wins new diversity award

28 March 2007
Edwards takes potshot at male communicators

28 March 2007
School of Communication Studies award winners 2006

22 March 2007
Protesters target ‘unethical’ super fund

21 March 2007
BroadsWord: On bullwhips, batons, and pigs. Real pigs, in cages

13 March 2007
BroadsWord: Musing on the international state of women

12 March 2007
NZ investigative journalism needs shake up, says Hager

10 March 2007
Springbok tour protests stir memories

5 March 2007
BroadsWord: Girls up for a beer and a baton?

26 February 2007
New postgrad paper to increase awareness of Pacific (Niu FM)

22 February 2007
BroadsWord: Ali Bell on hungry children

19 February 2007
AUT launches new Asia-Pacific journalism paper
Top journalism educators join AUT media school
Two win Pasifika media scholarships

13-19 January 2007
The Pacific in 2007: Handle with care

23-29 December 2007
Democracy by the gun

8 December 2006
Censors and beat-ups in the South Pacific

6 December 2006
Media researcher claims Fiji coup link with Stockholm syndrome

20 November 2006
AUT media educator praises Pacific paper at awards

10 November 2006
Three AUT student journalists win Asian internships

2 November 2006
AUT red faces over $3m newspaper print order

October 29
Radio NZ's Mediawatch on Te Waha Nui and Metro (mp3 file - go to 18m13)

13 October 2006
Nurse tells of Darfur horror

10 October 2006
Anti-terror laws threaten media freedom

29 September 2006
Blood on the verandah floor

25 September 2006
Pasifika media chiefs face options for the future

24 September 2006
Pan-Pacific publisher Moala tells the secrets of success

23 September 2006
Gosche calls for major shake-up of NZ media content

22 September 2006
PNG media chiefs seek training link-up with PIMA

22 September 2006
Laban condemns mainstream Pacific media coverage

22 September 2006
Minister calls for better balance in news mix

21 September 2006
PIMA tackles thorny ethical issues

21 September 2006
AUT launches Asia journalism internships

19 September 2006
Papuan activists appeal to NZ over human rights

18 September 2006
Survey tests preparation for the ‘big one’

18 September 2006
Women’s forum boosts action hopes

13 September 2006
Bills foil machinists trying to sew up wage deal

5 September 2006
Hunger strike raises awareness of Tamil cause

1 September 2006
France keeps legal gag on Rainbow Warrior spies footage

1 September 2006
Getting older and wiser

1 September 2006
Treading a tightrope of Beijing Chinglish

23 August 2006
Maori Party opposes 90-day labour bill

21 August 2006
Maori Queen: We're all one ... she brought us all together

20 August 2006
Migrant Asian artists use creativity to dash stereotypes

20 August 2006
Papuan supporters target Pacific Islands Forum

19 August 2006
Green MP calls for NZ investigation into West Papua claims

19 August 2006
Freeport mine destruction ‘terrible’ sight from space

19 August 2006
Papuan HIV/Aids rate ‘10 times’ the official figure

19 August 2006
Aids epidemic in Papua alarms human rights advocates

19 August 2006
NZ ‘not doing enough’ over West Papua crisis

18 August 2006
Papuan clergyman condemns Indonesia’s ‘genocidal’ policies

14 August 2006
Human rights focus on West Papua

11 August 2006
AUT journalist runs media freedom course in Vanuatu

11 July 2006
Two key speakers lined up for Papuan human rights seminar

14 June 2006
West Papuan clergyman to speak on human rights at seminar

June 2006
‘I’m no loan shark’ – money lender Johnson Funaki speaks out

25 May 2006
Crusading journalism - Fairness and balance, Fisk-style

12 May 2006
Plagiarism and fabulism: The John Manukia scandal

10 May 2006
A broader view of the gay community

9 May 2006
The Rodney Times faces new challenges under offshore ownership

8 May 2006
Backlash - behind the Danish cartoons controversy

8 May 2006
Freed hostage Harmeet Sooden and the hidden Oscmar affair

7 May 2006
Seeking a more serious spin on world news

6 December 2005
Te Waha Nui wins Ossie award for best newspaper

4 December 2005
Te Waha Nui wins Ossie for best newspaper

10 November 2005
‘Ignored’ West Papua AIDS pandemic troubles human rights activists

4 November 2005
'Empower the public' call to media

4 November 2005
AUT students dominate Wallace Awards with strong election coverage

3 November 2005
Te Waha Nui tops political coverage awards

31 October 2005
Biosecurity tests refugee border ‘operation’ to limit

10 October 2005
AUT media educator wins Pacific Media Freedom Award

2 September 2005
Te Waha Nui at the pro-wrestling - 'On a mission from God!'

19 October 2004
Powerful mood gains strength at hikoi

26 August 2004
Te Waha Nui - the story behind the paper

24 August 2004
NZ Media Coverage of Pacific Under Fire

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