19 November 2019

Surfies find treasure just lying in the sand

Edition No 12, June 2006

RISING STARS: Young Aucklanders with disabilities now have the chance to take part in performing arts workshops that celebrate their gifts and talents. CoolJam workshops aim to foster skills and help people get jobs in the performing arts industry. Four CoolJam workshops have been piloted so far – in guitar, drama, hip-hop and song-writing. Photo: Jacqueline Smith.
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Surfies find treasure just lying in the sand
By Qiane Corfield
A possible find of ambergris could be worth $66,000 to a pair of surfing buddies. Dylan Paulman and Rupert Murphy have found 6kg of what they believe is ambergris at a Whangarei beach.

'I’m no loan shark'
by Amanda Snow
Money lender Johnson Funaki makes no apology for his newspaper ads that shame people into paying back loans. His name-and-shame pages features in the Taimi ‘o Tonga newspaper show photos of people who have defaulted on loan repayments to his finance company, Funaki Enterprises. They also outline the amount borrowed, what the money was borrowed for, and the church each debtor attends.

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  • Party poppers: A closer look at party pills, is the negative aura justified?
  • Feeling good: Kiwi favourites prepare for more success with fourth album
  • Not quite Maggie: New Maori TV show presents a different take on gardening
  • Heritage burning: New Zealand’s historic buildings are being lost to fire.

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