19 November 2019

Walking to our graves

Edition No 14, September 1 2006

Online editors: Helen Twose and Merle Foster

KILLER POLLUTION: A regular lunchtime stroll down Queen St could be deadly as pollution levels rise in the CBD’s urban canyons. By Vicki King and Jess van der Schaaf
Photo by: Vicki King

Maori unity’s fragile future
By Qiane Corfield
As the new Maori King steps into the role, Te Waha Nui considers what the future will hold for the Kingitanga movement.

Downtown cops: the changing face of crime
By Ben Burrowes
With a growing multicultural population and the proliferation of highly volatile drugs in Auckland’s CBD, Ben Burrowes looks at the dramatic change in the role of police.

Noah Hickey: Knight of the round ball
By John Edwards and Brenton Vanisselroy
Soccer star Noah Hickey talks about this season’s prospects, playing in the All Whites and being a ladies’ man.

Also in this issue:

The price of coffee: Fair-trade coffee isn’t always what it seems. Sex toys: Not as taboo as they used to be. Push to get te reo right on TV: Non-Maori journos need te reo Rugby laundry: Te Waha Nui talks to Auckland sport’s laundry legend.



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