19 November 2019

Take another look at eye surgery risks, urges sore patient

Edition No 17, June 2007

Online editors: Dan Satherley

Undergoing ‘LASIK’ eye surgery isn’t without its dangers, and some patients aren’t being warned by their specialists. By Angela Norton.

Another Kiwi nurse heads to Darfur
The numbers of people being killed or left homeless continue to rise in Darfur, Sudan, as the Red Cross sends another New Zealand nurse into the region. By Amy Campbell.

APN decision to outsource “a dark day”
A major New Zealand publisher’s plan to outsource work to an Australian company has met with criticism from the journalists’ union. By Justin Henehan and Angus Bennett.

Ties with Indonesia quietly renewed
Seven years after New Zealand cut military ties with Indonesia after the invasion of East Timor, the two countries are working together again – despite ongoing human rights abuses in West Papua.

Iraq war loses out to US massacre
Media experts speak out about the disparity of coverage between the Virginia Tech shootings and violence in Iraq, saying it’s not about valuing American lives more than Iraqi. By Belinda Moore.

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