19 November 2019

Journalism in crisis

Edition No 18, 17 August 2007

Online editor: Dan Satherley

Journalism in crisis
The Journalism Matters conference held last weekend put forward a strong, unmistakable message: New Zealand journalism is in crisis, and it is time to stand up and do something about it. By Mike Kilpatrick.

Cereal shocker no joke for sisters
Marijuana, ecstasy, AIDS and sex before marriage - one father thinks a joke found in a Hubbards’ cereal newsletter has gone too far. By Chelsea Burke.

Maori waiata translated after 40 years
More than 50 years after his death, songs collected by Sir Apirana Ngata have finally been translated and published. By Michele Coelho.

Vegans okay with meat lovers
Recent claims of “vegansexualism” by Canterbury University lecturer Annie Potts have been rejected by the vegan community, who say it is an enormous generalisation. By Sarah Gooding.

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Call to scrap youth rates Kiwis fade on ethical
AUT ready to hit the catwalk  



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