19 November 2019

Organ bill tipped to fail

Edition No 20, 28 September 2007

Online editor: Anna Harrison

AUT rookies stun industry top dogs
AUT fashion and design students launched their work at Air New Zealand Fashion Week, to international acclaim.

Candidate plans to exterminate rates
Mayoral candidate Dalek Snowdon plans to transform Auckland by developing stadiums to allow for mass extermination of ratepayers.

Limited fish for your chips
Hoki has been given the tick of sustainability even though there has been a drastic decline in the past ten years.

APEC protest first-hand
A kiwi protestor joined demonstrations outside the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation conference in Sydney despite a threat of arrest.

AUT pushes for diverse journalism
AUT is developing new initiatives to recruit more ethnically diverse journalism students in an effort to better reflect the population of New Zealand.

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Gallery gets go-ahead for makeover The world’s fastest bed - almost AUT student makes a splash  




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