Chief Theys Eluay
Chief Theys Eluay - an assassinated West Papuan leader.

Resource People

Rev Socratez Sofyan Yoman, chairman of the Alliance of Baptist Churches in West Papua. In the past eight years, Rev Socratez has taken an increasingly high profile as a campaigner for peace, justice and human rights in West Papua. He has briefed Australian, British and European parliamentarians as well as United Nations representatives about West Papua. He has written five books about West Papua, including Papuans Are Not Separatists and Gate to Free Papua. Rev Socratez has released a list of incidents in 2006 when he was terrorised and intimidated by Indonesian military, police or intelligence officers, including when his car was destroyed by Indonesian Mobile Brigade Police: "Myself, I am not afraid because I am talking about the truth and justice and peace; and I'm talking about human dignity and human rights. But I'm still afraid for my two son."

John Wing has been involved with human rights issues in Indonesia for 20 years. He was appointed coordinator of the West Papua Project at the University of Sydney's Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies in 2003. His "genocide" report last year on the current human rights, environmental, political and social situation in Papua has stirred controversy and been a key reference for governments and parliamentarians. Wing is keen to deliver alternative sources of electricity - such as solar and micro hydro power - to remote areas of Papua. He also hopes to provide cheap, simple lighting to homes and refrigeration for clinics.

Nick Chesterfield conducted a mission recently in PNG - "Security Assessment and Intelligence profile." He did his field work for the Australian West Papua campaign and was funded by donations from concerned people. The report looks at the troop build-up which is occurring on the border with West Papua.  Since the demonstrations of March 15/16, there have been widespread reprisals by the security forces against students and the family members of all university students in West Papua. Nick says that the communities on the border on the PNG side are fearful of an Indonesian incursion.

Anne Noonan, long-term West Papua activist in Sydney. A medical doctor, Anne has a specialist interest in the health situation of the West Papuan people and has worked hard to draw attention to the escalating HIV/Aids problem in West Papua. 

Joe Collins.  Key activist and organiser with the Australian West Papua Association (AWPA) based in Sydney, regularly called on to speak on the issue.

Alison Ryan will bring information from Britain and Europe on West Papua's lobbying focus and the reactions of European Union and United Nations governments. She is with Progressio, which participates in a faith-based network on West Papua at present consisting of organisations in Europe but may be extended.

Maire Leadbeater, spokesperson for the Indonesian Human Rights Committee in New Zealand/Aotearoa. Conference convenor. Phone: 815 9000,