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Pacific Journalism Review Articles, Volumes 1 to 12

Full text from 1994 onwards available in New Zealand on the Knowledge Basket Newztext Magazines database.

Ali, Noora: Tevita Momoedonu: Live with Radio Tevita, 7:2:171-174.

Amepou, Lynne: Dominic Kakas: On the corruption trail, 3:1:175-177.

Arvantakis, James: 'I have a patent lawyer on retainer!': Intellect v intellectual property - a battle over the cultural commons? 10(1): 76-88.

Bacon, Wendy: A case study in ethical failure: Twenty years of media coverage of Aboriginal deaths in custody, 11(2):17-41.

Barnett, Steven: Media ownership policies: pressures for change and implications, 10(2): 8-19.

Bell , Steve: Drawing fire without a cartoonist's flak jacket, 9:19 -21.

Boden, Ian: Time to light up the NBC airwaves, 2:147-49.

Bohane, Ben: Fiji military exorcise ghosts, 7:1:69-72.

Obituary: Mark Worth, Asia-Pacific film-maker and journalist, 10(1): 201-206.

Photoessay on Melanesian spirit and war, 12(2):157-174.

Bopp, Maire: Flosse appeal over Tefana, 5:1:39-40.

Brouwer, Paul: Dutch role in hostage crisis, 6:1:13-14.

Brown, Russell: Humming 'Que Sera Sera', 9: 39-43.

Cass, Philip: A dozen Danish cartoons and the wrath of the Muslim world, 12(1):148-154.

Media ownership in the Pacific: inherited colonial commercial model but remarkably diverse, 10(2) 82-110. Appendices

— Democracy and media: A message for the Pacific, 8:35 -41.

— Dilemma for Fiji media and the constitution, 2:1:69-72.

— Not in a Pakeha court: Kastom and the Pacific media, 6:1:102-111.

— The Pacific mission press, 4:1:105-114.

Centurion, Diosnel: The prophetic role of Christian media, 1:1:48-57.

Chan, Sir Julius: Serve truth with development news, 2:1:78-82.

Chaudhry, Mahendra: Fiji news media faces crisis of ethics, 6:1:135-146.

Cheung, Estella: Dear Mum and Dad, 7:1:134-139.

Choong, Alex: Melanesia irks Malaysia , 3:2:133-136.

Clark, Andrew M.: Your Asia-Pacific Network: The use of Radio Australia by the Australian Government, 9: 80-100.

Collins, Simon and Jeremy Rose: City Voice , an alternative to the corporate model, 10(2): 32-45.

Cover, Rob: Engaging sexualities: Lesbian/gay print journalism, community belonging, social space and physical place, 11(1):113-132.

Craddock, Patrick: Public broadcasting and the intelligent butterfly, 6:1:121-132.

— Surfing, sinking and swimming in the WTO, 5:1:80-91.

— The McSpeight file, 8:33-34.

— Truth and the SS, 8:31-32.

Cronau, Peter: 'Censorship by exile' in Micronesia , 4:1:74-77.

Sandline's mercenaries helped Kopassus, 6:1:33-35.

Self-censorship: The most insidious gag, 2:1:11-15.

Singirok claims denied, 4:1:26-27.

Why ethical journalists deserve better code, 3:2:20-26.

Cullen, Trevor: Better AIDS coverage', 4:1:71-73.

— Censorship in Malawi , 3:2:119-121.

— HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea: A reality check, 12(1):155-166.

Press coverage of HIV/AIDS in the South Pacific: Short-term view of long-term problem, 9: 138-146.

— Reporting diseases in the Pacific, 6:1:73-75.

Dahlberg, Lincoln: The corporate takeover of the online public sphere: A critical examination, with reference to the New Zealand case, 11(1):90-112.

Davis, Mark: Blood on the Cross, 6:1:10-32.

Dean, Bec: Ben Bohane’s portrayal of spirit and war in Melanesia, 12(2:157-160.

Delailomaloma, Frederica: War of words with publisher, 6:1:141.

Dempster, Quentin: Bullying the public broadcaster: Threatening the ABC's role, 10(1):173-177.

Densem, Yvonne: Where have all the young men gone? Gender imbalance in tertiary journalism courses, 12(1): 37-53.

Devere, Heather and Sharyn Graham Davies: The Don and Helen New Zealand election 2005: A media a-gender?, 12(1): 65-85.

Digitaki, Tamarisi: Virisila Buadromo: Behind the microphone, 8:159-164.

Dixit, Kunda: Now the negative news from paradise, 2:1:116-118.

Dorney, Sean: Outwitting repression of the media in PNG, 5:1:99-106.

Duncan, Lynda: Coup editorial content: Analysis of the Fiji 2000 political crisis', 8:10 -29.

du Prel, Alex: Freedom of the press problems in Tahiti, 5:1:34-38.

Dusava, Gabriel: A blurred and distorted view of PNG, 2:1:90-94.

Duffield, Lee: Holding the line? Keeping independent may be a close run thing for media in PNG, 11(2):102-126.

Dutt, Reggie: The day Siti was battered, 7:1:37.

El-Bendary, Mohamed: Watching the war against Iraq through pan-Arab satellite TV, 9: 26 -31.

Ellis, Gavin: Different strokes for different folk: Regulatory distinctions in New Zealand media, 11(2):63-83.

Ensor, Patrick: Iraq, the Pentagon and the battle for Arab hearts and minds, 9: 8-13.

Evans, Malcolm: The political cartoonist's right to freedom of expression, 10(2): 71-80.

Ferea, William: Media, church and the Sandline plot?, 4:1:9-18.

— The death penalty: A flawed debate, 2:1:62-67.

Field, Michael: The Bure Newsroom, 7:1:20-28.

— The world is watching and we've got a message, 4:1:23-26.

Fiji's Daily Post , Editorial: Give us a break, 5:1:19-20.

Foster, Robert J.: TV talk in PNG: A search for policy in a weak state, 5:1:53-78.

Franklin, Marianne: Keeping public cyberspace open: lessons from the Pacific Islands , 11(1):60-89.

Gaunder, Yashwant: Faith, hope and charity, 3:2:159-165.

Gawi, John: Curbing the exposure of crooked dealings, 3:2:48-49.

Gemo, Rev Oria: PNG's new information order (in waiting), 1:1:38-47.

Geraghty, Paul: Talking the wrong talk?, 7:1:164-167.

— Literacy and the media in the Fiji Islands , 11(1):48-57

Gomez, James: Dumbing down democracy: Trends in internet regulation, surveillance and control in Asia, 10(2): 130-150.

Gow, Jo and Mary Quilty: Advocacy in the dark: Seeking justice for asylum seekers, 10(1): 46-56.

Goward, Pru: Gender and journalism, 12(1):15-19.

Green, Kerry: The need to synthesise industry-academy ambitions, 9 : 160-169.

Gurdayal, Mithleshni: Editors play down threat, 5:1:28-29.

Hanusch, Folker: Coverage of international and Pacific news in The Fiji Times and The Australian, 9: 59 -78.

Henshall, Peter, The origins of journalism education at UPNG, 4:1:97.

Hewett, Andrew: How tying funding to 'good behaviour' hits critical NGOs, 10(1):178-183.

Hodgetts, Darrin, Alison Barnette, Andrew Duirs, Jolene Henry and Anni Schanen: Maori media production, civic journalism and the foreshore and seabed controversy in Aotearoa, 11(2):191-208.

Hollings, James: Reporting the Asian tsunami: Ethical issues, 11(2):151-167.

Hulsen, Al: Browsing the Pacific, 6:1:78-85.

Hussain, Bernadette: Michael Field: Banned from the Pacific, 7:1:175-177.

Inbaraj, Sonny: Rebuilding the [East Timor] press, 6:1:46-48.

Jannif, Ikbal: Transparency and the Fiji news media, 6:1:158-165.

Jansen, Sue Curry and Brian Martin: Exposing and opposing censorship: Backfire dynamics in freedom-of-speech struggles, 10(1): 29-45.

Jenkins, Cathy: Women in Australian politics: Mothers only need apply, 12(1):54-63.

Joku, Harlyne: The Times of Papua New Guinea: An investigative tradition, 2:1:8-10.

Ka'au, Joseph: A grassroots view, 3:2:37-41.

Kakas, Dominic: Giant logger linked to Posai housing, 3:2:166-168.

Keyzer, Patrick: Freedom of speech issues in Toohey v Peach and a hypothetical variant of that case, 10(1):139-152.

Kolma, Frank Senge: Public opinion and the news media, 4:1:49-54.

Kama, Nimo: Neville Togarewa: A scoop in the jungle, 2:1:124-126.

Kamea, John: The Daily Post sale, 5:1:9-14.

Kari, Paula: Nancy Hillary: All jobs rolled into one, 3:2:178-180.

Knight, Alan: Ratbags, revolutionaries and free speech: The Queensland radical press in 1968, 10(1):153-170.

— The political gorilla and the Pacific Forum: Getting it right? 11(2):170-190.

Kuasi, Sophie: Abby Yadi: From fish to business, 2:1:127-130.

— Wendy Bacon: A bullet and an orchid, 2:1:120-122.

Lea, David: Civil society and media: The relevance in Fiji , Tonga and PNG, 7:1:111-117.

Lealand, Geoff: Still young and female: A (modest) survey of New Zealand journalists, 10(2): 173-196.

Leary, Ingrid: Is freedom of the Pacific press really free?, 5: 1:21 -24.

Little, Janine: ‘The innocence in her beautiful green eyes’: Speculations on seduction and the ‘feminine’ in the Australian news media, 12(1):131-145.

Loney, Matt: Pacific rural publishing: Eastern Star case study in PNG, 8:127-138.

Lukin, Annabelle, David Butt and Christian Matthiessen: Reporting war: Grammar as 'covert operation', 10(1): 58-74.

Maclellan, Nic: From Fiji to Fallujah: The war in Iraq and the privatisation of Pacific security, 12(2):47-65.

The Pacific "non solution", 8:144-154.

McChesney, Robert W.: Welcome to Havana, Mr Corleone: Issues of media ownership and control, 10(2):20-31.

McGregor, Judy: The pervasive power of man-made news, 12(1):21-34.

Maino, Sir Charles: People, news and government, 2:1:84-89.

Malifa, Savea: Gagging the Samoa Observer, 6:1:63-72.

— Lighting the fire for media freedom, 5:1:92-97.

— Observer under threat, 4:1:92-94.

Manassah, Kiery: Bleak media scenarios confront Vanuatu , 2:1:73-76.

Manning, Haydon, and Robert Phiddian: The political cartoonist and the editor, 11(2):127-150.

Mason, Anthony: Coups and conflict, 7:1:57-64.

Fiji coups retrospective – The media and the coup leader: Sitiveni Rabuka, 11(2): 227-232, and Fiji journalism pioneer remembers: Vijendra Kumar, 11(2):233-237.

Matbob, Patrick and Evangelia Papoutsaki: West Papuan ‘independence’ and the Papua New Guinea press, 12(2):87-105.

Matthews, Louise: The latest casualty: Phillip Knightley and media failure, 9: 22 -25.

Meadows, Michael: Journalism and indigenous public spheres, 11(1):36-41.

Menon, Kavita: Asia-Pacific overview, 7:1:83-95.

Misa, Tapu: The story behind the upheaval after Niu FM hit the airwaves, 9: 17 -176.

Moala, Kalafi, Shailendra Singh and Kevin Pamba: Media ownership in Oceania: Three case studies in Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Tonga, 10(2): 47-68.

Moala, Kalafi: Media, justice in Tonga, 8: 96-104.

— The case for Pacific media reform to reflect island communities, 11(1): 26-35.
— Tonga and the independent press, 6:1:59-62.

We didn't get a fair trial, 3:2:13-14.

Momis, John: Section 46 - why it was included, 3:2:59-65.

Morokana, Joseph: Joseph Ealedona: On the protest frontline, 4:1:151-153.

Naidu, Richard: Fiji Media Bill: Not so much sinister as plain amateurish, 9: 156-159.

— Having fun playing God, 5:1:48-51.

— Media ethics in elections, 7:1:65-68.

— Taxpayers in business, 5:1:16-18.

Nalangu, Walter: Investigative journalism in Melanesia: Is it needed?, 2: 1:16 -22.

Namaliu, Sir Rabbie: The explicit freedoms in our model democracy, 3:2:86-89.

Nash, Chris and Wendy Bacon: Reporting sustainability in the English-language press of Southeast Asia, 12(2):106-135

Nicholl, Rae: Electing women to Parliament: Fiji and the alternative vote electoral system, 12(1):87-107.

Nonggorr, John: The copyright law and PNG, 2:1:58-61.

O'Callaghan, Mary-Louise: Paradise Exposed: Is the region's Fourth Estate up to it?, 7:1:10-28.

— Champion of the free press - Ieremia Tabai., 7:1:15-18.

O'Donnell, Marcus: Going to the chapel: Same sex marriage and competing narratives of intimate citizenship, 10(1): 9-28

Ofotalau, Alison: Controversial Close-Up, 7:1:39-45.

Ohasio, Campion: A Solomons "Voice", 3:2:149-155.

Ting Ting Bilong Mi, collection of editorial cartoons, 3:1:13-97. Pacific Investigative Journalism Award: 'What the judges said', 3:2:156-158.

Paul, Joanna: Challenges lie ahead for MTS in the Aotearoa public sphere, 11(1):42-46.

Pamba, Kevin, Shailendra Singh and Kalafi Moala: Media ownership in Oceania: Three case studies in Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Tonga, 10(2): 47-68.

Pamba, Kevin: Jada and the Phantom, 4:1:143-149.

— Spotlight on the role of the news media, 3:2:90-93.

Pareti, Samisoni: Media and the coup, 7:1:35-38.

Patel, ‘Islands of understanding’: Environmental journalism in the South Pacific, 12(2)148-153.

Pearce, Dennis: Elections and the media, 5:1:133-139.

Pearson, Mark, and Naomi Busst: Anti-terrow laws and the media after 9/11: Three models in Australia, NZ and the Pacific, 12(2):9-27.

Pearson, Mark: Course finds PNG a "mecca", 5:1:111-113.

Press freedom and the High Court in the Callinan era: Rethinking the rhetoric, 10(1):123-138.

Teaching press freedom and open justice: A model for debate, 9: 124-137.

Peni, Ekonia: Cat-and-mouse over the French nukes, 2:1:140-142.

Pentanu, Simon: The pitfalls of inquiries, 5:1:125-132.

— Seeds of accountability, 4:1:41-43.

Phelan, Liam: Running scared - how the media left Dili, 6:1:36-44.

Phelan, Sean; Judith Bernanke and Susan Fountaine: A ‘heart to heart’ on race relations: TVNZ’s State of the Nation as public sphere discourse, 11(1):133-153.

Pilger, John: The 'liberation' truth is unmentionable in America, 9: 14 -18.

Pinder, James: Open season for snipes at the media pack, 2:1:37-39.

— The "untouchables" era, 1:1:6-8.

Post-Courier : Sir Peter stands firm, 3:2:71.

Pohiva, 'Akilisi: From Samuela 'Akilisi Pohiva, 3:2:17-18.

Media, justice in Tonga, 8:96-104.

Prabha, Ashwini: Asaeli Lave: "Just the gun is scary", 8:169-174.

Prasad, Biman: Crisis of conscience, 7(1):97-104.

Press, Eyal: Indonesian misadventure: A US mining giant's clash, 3(2):123-131.

Price, Steven: Terrorism by media: Coverage of the Ahmed Zaoui affair, 10(1): 184-190.

Quinn, Stephen: Better journalism or better profits?: A key convergence issue in an age of concentrated ownership, 10(2): 111-129.

Raiyawa, Tomasi: Oseah Philemon: Op - chief with big heart, 6(1):170-173.

Ratuva, Steven: Cartooning in the Pacific: The social construction of humour, 7(1):119-126.

—The politics of media: A cynical synopsis, 9:177-181.

Reed, Rosslyn: The public right to know about science, 10(1): 89-101.

Reporters Sans Frontieres: A day for freedom, 3(2):84-85.

Richards, Deborah, ABC Four Corners : 'Bush Bugarup', 1(1):30-36.

Robie, David, A photographer's date with a nuclear death, 2(1):132-139.

— Attacks on the press, 2(1):41-45.

— Ethical dilemmas for the PNG media, 1(1):59-70.

Fairness, balance and the Pacific media, 6(1):50.

Freedom of speech, 8:105-119.

— Fri Pres: Media freedom in the Pacific, 4(1):29-40.

Frontline Reporters: A students' internet coup, 7(1):47-56.

Hot-wired media, 4(1):61-70.

Internet journalism at USP, 5(1):107-110.

Introduction: Ting Ting Bilong Mi, collection of Campion Ohasio editorial cartoons, 3(1):7-12.

Media and the message, 4(1):96-103.

Pacific media councils and cultural values: Safety valve or entrenched hegemony? 9:101-122.

Pacific freedom of speech, 8:105-119.

Post-Courier stays put, 5(1):30-32.

Press freedom, ethics and the constitution, 3:(2):72-83.

Ross Stevens and Uni Tavur: A Kiwi publishing legacy among wantoks, 10(2): 153-170

Share the whole vision, good news and bad, 2(1):95-102.

The contempt case of the 'Tongan three', 3(2):10-19.

The sword of Damocles in the South Pacific: Two regulatory case studies in Fiji, Tonga, 10(1): 103-122.

— The Topul Rali affair, 5(1):114-124.

— Uni Tavur and media education at UPNG, 3(2):94-101.

— When the deadline becomes death, 1(1):11-15.

Robertson, Philip: Grierson’s ghost never dies: The Fiji Film Unit 1970-1985, 11(2):209-225.

Robson, Alan: The unrepresentative democracy, 4(1):19-22.

Rose, Jeremy and Simon Collins: City Voice , an alternative to the corporate model, 10(2): 32-45

Rosenberg, Bill: News media ownership: How NZ is dominated, 8:59 -95.

Samson, Alan: Plagiarism and fabulism: Dishonesty in the newsroom, 11(2):84-100.

Sela, Luke: PNG's rocky route to self-regulation, 6(1):55-58.

Semel, Raphael: Radio wars in PNG: NauFM's tough struggle, 3(2):112-115.

Seneviratne, Kalinga: Looking behind the terror curtain: A developing world journalism perspective, 12(2):9-27.

— Radio Djiido turns ten, 4(1):44-48.

Shameem, Shaista: A genuinely free press: The challenges for the Pacific, 8:120-126.

Singh, Sir Vijay: Post mortem on a bad deal, 5(1):25-27.

Singh, Shailendra: Six Oceania microstates: The genesis of media accountability, 11(2):42-60.

Singh, Shailendra and Som Prakash: Politics, democracy and the media: Case studies in Fiji, Tonga and the Solomon Islands, 12(2):67-85.

Singh, Shailendra, Kevin Pamba and Kalafi Moala: Media ownership in Oceania: Three case studies in Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Tonga, 10(2): 47-68.

Sligo , Frank: NZ journalism unit standards: Are they still needed?, 10(1):191-199.

Solomon, Anna: Public perception of the Ombudsman, 4(1):44-48.

— Women in the media, 1(1):23-29.

Sorariba G. Nash: A free ride to propaganda, 1(1):73-87.

— International news flow cooperative study, 2(1):50-55.

— Media accountability and the new technology, 3(2):27-36.

— Paparazzi v British media, 4(1):121-138.

— Regional conflicts: Getting both sides, 2(1):103-112.

— Why can't Kalang push ahead on its own?, 3(2):116.

Spellerberg, Ian S., Graeme D. Buchan and Nick Early: Television and environmental sustainability: Arguing a case for a code of standards in NZ, 12(2):137-147.

Spencer, Steve: Contested homelands: Darwin ’s ‘itinerant problem’, 11(1):174-197.

Spoonley, Paul: Post-colonial options in media conversations, 11(1):8-12.

Stephenson, Jon: Obituary: Warren Berryman - NZ investigative publisher, 10(1):207-213.

Stuart, Ian: Maori and the mainstream: Towards bicultural reporting, 8:42 -58.

Tauiwi and Maori media:the indigenous perspective, 3(2):102-111.

The construction of a national Maori identity by Maori media, 9: 45-58.

— The Maori public sphere, 11(1):13-25.

Tafler, David I.: ‘Rolling Thunder’ Changing communication and the Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjara public sphere, 11(1):155-173.

Tamani, Rosi: Samantha Magick: Talent on FM96 airwaves, 5(1):140-143.

Tapueluelu, 'Ana: Reporters and police: Too close?, 7(1):159-163.

Tarte, Daryl: The Fiji experience, 6(1):51-54.

— Why the media must remain free, 6(1):154-157.

Taylor, John: TV - transparent or opaque?, 4(1):55-58.

The Fiji Times: Editorial: Practise what you preach, 4(1):115.

The Fiji Times: Editorial: Think before you speak, 4(1):117.

The Fiji Times: Fiji Times hits back at PM's allegations, 6(1):147-153.

The Independent (PNG): Editorial: Tampering with the freedom of the media is dangerous, 3:2:37.

The National: Political guidelines, 4(1):53.

The Review ( Fiji ): Rabuka and the reporter, 1(1):20-22.

The Times of Papua New Guinea : Editorial: Bougainville : Six years too long, 1(1):92-93.

Thompson, Alastair: CNN war porn, 'shock and awe' and a set designed in Hollywood, 9: 32 -38.

Tickle, Sharon : Integrating student-centred learning in Asia-Pacific, 9: 149-155.

Togarewa, Neville: Media, government and the Constitution: A journalist's perspective, 3(2):50-58.

— The NBC islands gag, 1(1):16-19.

Tora, Luisa: Lisaleilani Williams: Behind the mad cookie, 6(1):166-169.

Tora, Talei: Netani Rika: On the Bright Side, 8:155-158.

Turagabeci, Ilaitia: Discovering the HIGHlands , 3(2):169-173.

Turley, Anna: Who makes the news? Promoting gender equality in and through news media, 12(1):10-14.

Uni Tavur: Chronology of a protest, 7(1):130-133.

Vatsikopoulos, Helen: Dateline: PNG: Under the spell, 2(1):24-36.

Waibauru, Jessie: A frog's head, old ashtrays and student politics, 1(1):88-91.

Wakus, Wanita: 'I couldn't stop crying', 7(1):127-128.

Ward, Ian: A genuinely free press, 6(1):112-120.

Waqa, Andrea: Wainikiti Waqa: Behind the gold medals, 7(1):168-170.

Weber, Joe: Student baptism of fire: Reporting the kerosene lamp blasts, 7(1):105-110.

Wilson, Peter: Fiji TV's struggle for good service, 5(1):41-47.

Wishart, Ian: The Paradise conspiracy, 3(2):137-148.

Yaya, Joe: Fiji media and salaries: News sells - but journos face "poverty", 8:139-144.

— Mary-Louise O'Callaghan: Investigative challenge, 8:165-169.


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King, Barry: A timely alternative, 9:6-7.
— (and Ian Goodwin), Elusive issues of identity, 11(1):5-7.

Nash, Chris: The republican factor, 10(1):6-8.

Robie, David: Introducing PJR, 1(1):4-5.

— Corruption and the media, 2(1):5-6.

— PNG draft media laws, 3(2):5-9.

— Mercenaries and the media, 4(1):5-8.

— Media and free expression, 5(1):5-8

Millennium mayhem, 6(1):5-9

Culture and conflict, 7(1):5-9

— Media freedom rhetoric, 8:5-9.

Lies, gags and the future, 12(2):5-8.


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