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PIMA 2007 Conference 12 October, Conference Centre, AUT University

Pesi Fonua... opening PIMA 2007

Welcome to the 2007 PIMA Conference news website produced by AUT University student journalists.

Held at AUT, this year’s theme is "Pasifika in the digital era". For more information on workshop topics, registration or to download a programme, visit the PIMA website

Pesi Fonua... opening PIMA 2007

Pesi Fonua ... opening PIMA 2007. Photo: Alan Koon

Matangi Tonga publisher Pesi Fonua will be opening this year's conference: “The conference theme acknowledges the role digital technology is playing in reshaping how we as Pasifika people receive and create media messages. It's a highly pertinent topic given the relative youth of our Pasifika community and the fact that in this fast-moving, text-driven, Bebo-fueled era information literally moves at lightning speed. How do we keep up?”

Backgrounder at Pacific Journalism Review: Pasifika media in the digital era, by John Utanga.


Pacific Media Centre launches, CityBeat, 17 October 2007

The Pacific Islands have been a long time interest of AUT University’s Associate Professor Dr David Robie. And on Friday, October 12, efforts in the field were recognised as many big names in Pacific media and politics gathered to celebrate the culmination of those interests at the launch of the Pacific Media Centre. Read more



NZ: TVNZ strategic alliance with Bebo boosts grip on digital media, PMC, 17 October 2007

TVNZ is trying to strengthen its hold on New Zealand’s digital media world by brokering a deal with the social networking site Bebo. Read more




NZ: Minister Laban a drawcard for AUT’s new Pacific Media Centre, PMC, 15 October 2007

Media industry people, staff and students were spilling into the corridor as they tried to get a glimpse of Associate Minister of Pacific Island Affairs Luamanuvao Winnie Laban speaking at the launch of the Pacific Media Centre at AUT University on Friday. Read more

NZ: Laban calls for more investment in Pacific media research, PMC, 13 October 2007

Associate Minister for Pacific Island Affairs Luamanuvao Winnie Laban last night challenged New Zealand media and educational institutions to boost investment in research and coverage. Speaking at the launch of the Pacific Media Centre, she said the occasion was “tangible proof” that AUT University had stepped up to the plate and was demonstrating true sector leadership. Read more

More PMC dancing - this time palagi, 12 October 2007

More candid camera footage at the launching of the Pacific Media centre today. In this case, identities undisclosed. Another YouTube video clip by student journalist Dylan Quinnell. View


NZ: AUT Pacific Media Centre opening - speech by minister Laban, 12 October 2007

Associate Minister for Pacific island Affairs Luamanuvao Winnie Laban: It is a real pleasure to be here to open the Pacific Media Centre at the Auckland University of Technology because it really has such a crucial role to play in the development not only of a culturally competent media in New Zealand, but also in the development of our Pacific neighbours. Read more


NZ: Pacific journos thrash out mainstream v Pasifika media over regional coverage, PMC, 12 October 2007

New Zealand’s mainstream media has more ethics, money and resources to cover Pacific Island issues than Pasifika news media, debaters argued at the PIMA conference today. Read more




NZ:  Pacific people call for greater media understanding, news quality, PMC, 12 October 2007

A Pacific panel of media practitioners, sports stars and a city councillor has called for greater understanding and higher quality from news organisations at this year’s Pacific Islands Media Association (PIMA) conference conference hosted by AUT University. Read more

NZ:  Pasifika media stalwarts make way for new PIMA team, PMC, 12 October 2007

Pasifika media stalwarts John Utanga and Sandra Kailahi, founders of the seven-year-old Pacific Islands Media Association (PIMA), have bowed out this year to make way for new blood in the committee. Read more



NZ: Pasifika media at AUT 2007, 12 October 2007

Scenes from the annual Pacific Islands Media Association (PIMA) conference and Pacific Media Centre (PMC) launching at AUT University on 12 October 2007. View slide show



Tongan dance wows at the PMC launch, 12 October 2007

AUT University student Natasha Greer performed a traditional Tongan dance at the launching of the Pacific Media centre today. Also filmed dancing are Pasifika student liaison officer Junior Samuela and Pacific Media watch project journalist Taberannang Korauaba. Video clip by Dylan Quinnell. View

TONGA:  Pacific publishers should inspire ‘speaking minds’, says Pesi Fonua, 12 October 2007

Pacific publishers owe it to their people to inspire them to speak their mind to help development, says Pesi Fonua, one of Tonga’s foremost media personalities. Read more




NZ: PMC supports Kanak mining and the media research project, 12 October 2007

The Pacific Media Centre has awarded a research grant to independent film maker Jim Marbrook to help develop a documentary about indigenous Kanak political and industrial rights and nickel mining development in New Caledonia. Read more

AUT pushes for diverse journalism, Te Waha Nui, 28 September 2007

Initiatives to recruit more ethnically diverse journalism students are long overdue, says associate professor David Robie, director of AUT University’s Pacific Media Centre. Read more





A Specialist Writing (Pacific regional coverage) project:
Reporting team: Dylan Quinnell, Jacqueline Tran Van, Ramarea Pedersen and Veronica Johnston
Photos: Dylan Quinnell
Supervising lecturer: Dr David Robie